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April 25, 2013



Love your sense of humour! We think similar, I also move through palettes and am currently hanging out with grey/green/neutral spectrum. Your sweater is gorgeous and the colour suits you to a T. Hmmm black/yellow and black/red is garish, I dislike it intensely.


See, a brown girl does work in brown! The colours are rich and looks lovely, but now a beige girl in beige... :-(
Love the new greens you bought, and the variegated one to the left as weel!

If these yarns are all that you keep in stash, that is really not hoarding. You should see what I have... all those yarn my family kept for ages (and that hasn't grown better in that time...) ;-)


Your sweater is lovely and looks fantastic on you! I can see why you love it.


YOur sweater is really pretty!

pisky cove

Lovely cardi, really suits you. Sometimes we all need a push to try a new colour...


You look gorgeous in brown! Smart yarn lady.


That is a gorgeous sweater and looks fantastic on you! I love those 3 earthy skeins next to the 2 blue yarn cakes in that last pic.
Still have yet to knit a pair of socks. I have a funny feeling that will create a whole new monster. :p

Liz Washburn

Your brown sweater is gorgeous.


Lovely sweater! And I won't call Hoarders if you don't...

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