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April 28, 2013



Vera, thanks for posting some pics - I couldn't be there in person, but I'm glad I at least got to see a few pictures. Miss you guys. - Jean


It is always sad when a piece of your life is taken away. But cherish the friendships made, they will survive!

Connie Haeseley

Well written "V" !! I love you girl! I have admired your talent from day one, when KNIT opened on Charlotte Street.I know I am lucky to have kept you as my friend 8+ years later. Always sharing your talent & all things yarn! Your patience with my limited skills & endless questions. Even saving me once from a massive & tedious entanglement of yarn. . .yes, I am referring to your quick, precise, over my shoulder, with LARGE scissors & snipping me free of knotted mess announcing you" couldnt take it anymore"! Catching totally of guard I burst into Laughter then and still! Keep blogging cuz Connie in the Green needs it!


I am sad the store closed as well. I know you will miss it. I really miss the yarn store that was here.

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