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April 26, 2013



LOVED the video blog! have been a reader for a long time, so nice to hear your voice! your sweater is great. I've made the sockhead hat also-easy knitting you can sleep thru but so wearable!
take care-beth

Geekette Palette

Thank you for sharing with you ! So brave to record a blog, you're amazing ! I love your hat and the lace cardigan is amazing ! I'd definitively would love to knit it with the hood, someday ! I hear you on buying a pattern that makes you nervous because you have to find the needle size by yourself, it happens but sometimes we just have bad days and wish life could be made a tad little be easier. And that blanket is huge ! Will keep reading and watching you, it's so interesting to learn about knitters in others countries. Hope you're dramas got sorted out, I found knitting to be really helpful through dark times.

Geekette Palette

sharing with US, that is !


Love the idea of a vlog and funny enough I am working on that same idea.
Keep it up


Loved your blog! So much fun to see and hear you.



Thank you for sharing. I know what you mean about transferring.

I totally love your sock hat, and now I want to dig up some sock yarn and try it. I love to have a project on the go that I can do while watching a movie or in the passenger seat.


Your vlog is excellent! I did a video for today as well, after a few takes, I realized it would help a lot if I wrote down some bullet points of what I wanted to say first, haha.


Wow! You are so lovely "in person!" I could see sitting down and having a nice cup of tea and knitting or crocheting with you. Yes, please do more in the future. I need to go look up the patterns for both the sock head hat and that lovely sweater.

katie metzroth

I love it! You are brave and charming (I wouldn't worry about the makeup- you look great)...if the pooling starts to bother you, you can break the yarn - I had to break the yarn three times on a sock once (the second one-the first one was smooth). You look amazeballs for 50! you go! :)


Brave girl! And your title so had "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran running through my head....nice job on the vlog! It is not something I have been brave enough to try yet...


You did a great job! I really enjoyed seeing your WIP's. Love the hat and sweater that you chose to wear for the vlog.

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