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March 14, 2013



I like the idea of doing something every day that makes you nervous. Us humans get too comfortable and like to maintain. It's the stuff that makes us nervous that leads to change!


"Mind you, I was never one of the beautiful people, but now I'm black, a woman, a geek AND old."

I laughed out loud when I read that, because it so accurately describes how I feel since I also turned 50 (in August).

Mark Hermann's article was uplifting, but as much as I believe in the concept, I definitely have issues trying to consistently live in the "now."

What a confusing journey! So glad there are other bloggers to empathize with. It feels good to know certain nagging emotions are actually common, because misery loves company, I guess!


As one entering her 7th decade (and you think you're old!), I can tell you that we've all been there. Strangely enough, it gets better as you get older. I think we make peace with the things we haven't done and concentrate on the things we have, no matter how small. Live each day well because that's all we have. You have no idea of the impact you may have on those around you. I'm sure Patrick would agree.

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