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March 23, 2011



The cardi is beautiful. The plain buttons work well.

Thanks for the link for the shawlette. I bookmarked it.


I like the cardigan! The taupe is actually very flattering on you. That color would make me look dead.

Sara Baldwin

Love it!


Oh, and thanks for the video! I love Vivaldi, and those photos were perfect for spring.


It's a cute sweater that fits you perfectly.


Cute sweater. Please don't turn completely to neutrals. Every life needs a little color. That's why we have spring.

Miss Baddest Knits

Oriel turned out really cute! A perfect spring/summer item!

The prayer shawl looks lovely. Very nice and comfy for the recipient.

Good luck with your baby blankie! Crochet is SOOOO much faster for that kind of stuff. I'm in the home stretch of one myself. Cranking away at it!


Lovely! I do like that color on your and I think plain buttons are just right.


Love the cardi. I think I have the pattern
the dress will be great, though I didn't get to vote for teal


Oriel is super cute! And I like the color (the outdoor photo is what did it for me). I agree about the buttons, too. They don't distract from the lace!

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