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March 24, 2011


andra watkins

I love the sweater. And I love this post. xo


I still have those moments sometimes, too, where I'll think, "oh, I should call Ma and tell her about that" before I remember that I can't. I miss talking to her.


That's sweet, I still occasionally have those "want to call my mom" moments, and it's been ten years. Taylor was just a class act.
And that sweater is anything BUT frumpy-dumpy! I think the purple would be fabulous!

Angie Mizzell

I have added cardigans to my wardrobe and believe I'm a better person for it. :)

I'm touched by how Liz Taylor is so connected to memories of your mom. And I loved how Taylor was late to her own funeral. That's style and class, for sure.


Great cardi. I think it will be super versatile in gray, but the stitch pattern will show better in the lavender. I know, I'm not helping at all. ;)

I still do that with my Mom and it's been 16 years. Moms are just always with us. ::hugs::

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