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January 14, 2011



I definitely need to get a Chibi--I'm thinking orange. And some more tapestry needles. I only seem to have one left.


Cute story.

Right there with you. I'm also a gadget and bag girl. I've got an assortment needles in dpn', circulars and straights and every now then I still don't have the size or length I'm looking for.


Girl, between the love of gadgets, 80's music, Alton Brown and Hello Kitty, I'm starting to think we were separated at birth! Hee!! :D This post is a super inspiration -- I may have to show off my gadget collection soon!!


I'm a gadget girl too. I have a Namaste Buddy, but ended up using it for earrings for travel. I need to get another one. I have so many damn stitch markers that they are now organized by variety in little plastic boxes and tins.
Oh, and that dentist's tool gets my vote for best gadget ever. I use it all the time for fixing things. The pointy end is also helpful to keep your place when counting rows in a big project.

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