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August 02, 2009



thank you for coming by to see me it is always nice chatting with you! I love the hats you made for the babies and will take lots of pictures with them wearing them :)


those hats are so cute!!!! Happy Friendship day to you too! Thanks for blogging.

Heather Solos

I've had a fabulous time getting to know you over the past few years. Thank YOU!


Those hats are CUTE! Love the colors! I too like Berroco Comfort for baby items. :)
I have been Sanrio fan since I was child! HK is my favorite too, and I buy HK items for gifting to little girls. I should buy some for myself again too!
Your HK blog posts always make me want to buy some. :D

Heather @ Not a DIY LIfe

The hats are adorable! I saw you tweeting about making 4 baby hats and I wondered what you would be doing with them. What a great gift!


Gorgeous hats! Those babies are going to look super cute in them!
Can't wait to see your stole when you get started and finish it. It's a beautiful pattern and the yarn looks divine. It will be gorgeous x


Happy (late) Birthday! Hope it was a nice one.


Thanks for letting us be a part of your world. It's funny how all of these people I've never met seem like friends. Those baby hats are too cute for words.


wee little baby hats are too adorable! But quads?! Yikes! I'm scared to babysit for 2!

Hope you had a happy birthday!


Very cute quad hats! The Noro Silk Garden is just plain gorgeous.

Knitty Cent

QUADS!?!?! Wow, what a blessing! Those hats are adorable. My older female cousin is in the Air Force and loves it!

Your yarn for the entrelac stole looks gorgeous.

Nice HK loot! It surprises me whenever people surprise me for my birthday or enjoy my company as well. I'm an introvert to the point where people just assume I don't like them a lot, so I can definitely understand where you're coming from!

wendy g

Hi Vera,
Happy late Birthday! The hats are too cute and how is Lady Eleanor doing? Hope things are well with you.


Looking forward to seeing your Lady Eleanor take shape. I love this particular pattern, although my own attempt was abandoned because I didn't like the yarn I was using. But entrelac is sooooo beautiful. One of these days I will try again. I am sure you will inspire me. :)

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