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November 09, 2008



What a scare! Thank goodness your home was saved.


Wow! Glad everyone is okay.

I agree with you about the McCain campaign. I was also leaning toward McCain prior to the conventions, but the ensuing negative campaining combined with the "real Americans" rhetoric quickly changed my mind.

I'm still adjusting to the fact that this happened in my lifetime.


I am so glad you are Ok and the home was safe.

And I love the hat :)

Karen Carter

Thank God you were ok, fire was one of my worst fears when I lived in apartments.

I wholeheartedly agree with you about McCain. I like him but the campaign was very negative and the running mate didn't help matters. I felt that the McCain campaign was trying to divide the country rather than pull it together.


Oh my goodness! Thank God you and everyone else was okay! I pray the others can get back on their feet and settled in a new home soon!

You are crankin' out the hats gurl! They are SO your thing! :o)


Whatta post! I'm glad everyone is OK and that the fire left only property damage.
I was interested to see your take on the election. I can imagine what your "family ghosts" must have been thinking. This was indeed one of the most moving election nights I've seen. Mr. Obama has a rough road ahead, but I think he's the right guy for these tough times.


Whatta post! I couldn't agree with you more about how this election went and turned out. So glad it's all over.

I'm glad that you're OK! That is one of my biggest fears - having a house fire.

Whatta hat! It's very cool!


Wow, you have had a crazy week (for lack of better words). I'm glad no one was seriously hurt.

On a lighter note, I think you should change the name of this blog to Hat queen because you sure are a pro at making them. I love the new addition.


As a lifelong Republican, I was so distressed by all the rumors and innuendo about Obama. I especially was disturbed by these rumors being spread by the religious right (I am a Christian). I do believe that McCain is an honorable man, but those surrounding him were not so honorable. Although I still did not vote for Obama, I'm hopeful that he will pull our country together and I will be praying for him - he's got a very, very tough job ahead of him. But I feel he, too is a very honorable man. So glad you are ok - what a scare! My husband is a retired firefighter and fire is a very scary thing!


Thank God everyone is OK. I can't imagine how scared you must have been.

History was indeed made last Tuesday. I'm not a "politcal" person, whatever that is, but seeing Obama win, hearing him talk, brought tears to my eyes. I am so thrilled. He has a tough road ahead, but if anyone can get us out if this mess, I know he can do it.


Wow! Glad everyone is okay! How scary! Even with all the wildfire scares out here, it's never been RIGHT next door. Hugs!

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