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December 09, 2007



The flowers are gorgeous... I am going to have to check that out.


I love those manly mitts, they look great.
I'll have to keep a lookout for that crochet flowers book also. It looks interesting.


I love almost all of Nicky Epstein's books something about them always pulls me in. I think it must be the details. I'm terrified to even try a project though. I have the knitted flowers book, but have never been successful in finishing a flower that looks like the photo. :-\

wendy g

Love the third attempt! Beautiful yarn.
Looking forward to seeing some of your flowers.


The mitts looks great, great color.

Love the flowers.


The beer gloves came out great and love the flowers, they would be perfect for adorning hats.


Those mitts are awesome! The flowers are so pretty!


Nice gloves. The Silkroad looks so good in this pattern and the flowers are pretty. I'll have to give this book a second look.


I'm loving those gloves.


The glove looks lovely....Wil lbe waiting to see the finished pair!

Wow on those flowers - so very pretty!


I agree. Those flowers are gorgeous. I just may have to knit a few to add to my suit jacket for work :)

BTW: You've been tagged.


You are so right about using our crochet skills to do flowers. I forgot that I could do that!


The 3rd time's the charm! great job and I love the colors so much! But there is no thanks for the posting of yet another book I MUST get....


That's a cool glove! Love the flowers too!


The mitts are so nice. Love the turquoise color. the flowers are very pretty


the gloves turned out so nice! i'm a big fan of the jo sharp! :-D patrick is a great sport to wake up for you to take photos!

i love those flowers! adorable!!!


Love the mitts and the flowers, especially the pansies!


i so love your ella beret, it looks great on you.
i knit the target mits and the sideways open cardigan from yarn i bought from the hills in bretagne, france. you can check them at my blog here:
i hope you like them.

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