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September 03, 2007



Awesome! Love the keychain. Those socks are great. I really need to make myself some anklets.


I am so not ready for fall! I just need one more month! :op And it won't get cold here until November anyway! :oD Yah!

I love your anklets!!! The are adorable! And it is so hard to resist some Jitterbug!

Again the bootees are adorable! Thanks for the colorway #.

Have a great week!


the booties are adorable!


Magic words - Thuja is fast. I know, I need to do it to find out. I will. The booties are STILL adorable!

wendy g

The booties are too cute and I love the colorway! Hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend.


I love those little booties and just stole the pattern for my ladies who knit for the newborns. They are always looking for the perfect bootie. Heather will love them!


...blowin' through the ..oh yeah, love the color on the Breeze socks. I made seed stitch booties this weekend.


Love the footies and the booties!


Congrats to Heather! I would have liked to have given her a run for her money, but I'm 5 episodes behind on FotC. I'll have to catch up this week.

It seems that there's also some Finn-ness in the FotC's BBC radio series. I haven't listened to it yet (must finish TV series first!), but the plot summary I read mentioned something about Neil Finn saving the day. ;)


I love your Jitterbug Breeze! and those little Saartjes make me smile every time I see a pair - I love your colors.


that is one nice package for the contest winner! i'm still lovin' how cute those bootees are. i have no idea about baby things either, LOL!

those breeze anklets look great, that blue is so electric and pretty!


Love those adorable booties!


I am SO loving your anklets, and I'm in need of a small project right now. Same for the booties. Beautiful!


The booties are even more beautiful in person. :-)

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