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May 19, 2007



wow! it turned out great, Vera! And Pam finished doing the lining for you so quickly! It looks great! :)


It's beautiful Vera!! I love the way those handles look on it too.


It is beautiful.


Absolutely awesome! Reminds me of Amy Butler fabric. Looks like something from a runway!


The bag looks awesome Vera! Pam did a wonderful job of lining, you are so lucky to have someone who can do that for you. I think I'd make way more bags if it wasn't for the whole lining problem,as I can't sew.


I love how your bag came out!


The bag really looks lovely. You must be so proud! :-)


I love that bag! I need me a "pam" around here


I LOVE that bag! I've got to find that pattern & make one. Dang it - I've got over a dozen boxes to look through - I wonder where the heck I put it?????

Karen Carter

Your bag came out lovely:)


Wow, the bag looks great! I just LOVE the lining fabric!


The bag came out great--both the bag and the lining are fabulous!


That is a very happy, colorful, bright bag. I love it! And I like what you did with the handles. I still have 5 more squares to go. Beautiful job!
Sheri in GA


It looks great! ENJOY it!


It really looks good. I just got IC at Barnes & Noble yesterday. I can't decide on yarn.


Oh, Vera, it turned out WONDERFULLY!! I, too, will have a double-lined bag that will be stiffened with something and also have pockets!! I liked what you did for handles -- I'm still undecided on that point.

It's a gorgeous bag. I don't know about you, but I smile every time I see it. ; )


Beautiful bag, Vera!! That's great idea to put a double lining! Glad I haven't yet started the sewing part!


that bag turned out absolutely gorgeous! a big pat on the back to pam for her marvelous work. :-D

cute doggy! :-)


It came out great! You are very lucky to have such a handy seamstress friend too! :)


I love the bag! I'm a bit bag obsessed lately and I love this one.

I love the pictures of the tall ships, I wish I had gone and seen them.


Great bag!! What a great idea to double line it. This bag is definitely on my horizon to make.


Wow - it's just lovely! I have one more square to go. I was planning to double line it just because I wanted fabric to peek through the spaces on the front but the interfacing is another great idea I'll have to incorporate. Thanks for sharing...


Wow, Vera! That came out great! I love the wild pattern of the lining and how it works with your yarn colors!!! Awesome job!


Perfect bag... love the vibrant colors.. and love the a$$ kickin'



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