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February 18, 2007



JINX (almost)! I was *this* close to doing BFF for my SSS pal, too. Glad you're on the mend. We've been sick here also.


thanks for those sock tips!


I'm still super-tired from my flu bug. The critters going around this winter are pretty tenacious. Be good to yourself. Love the Monkey socks in particular.


I like both of those Fearless Fibers yarns. Very pretty!

Glad you're feeling better!

wendy g

So glad you are feeling better! Love the BFF socks as well as your Monkey socks. Beautiful new sock yarn too. Have a great week.


Not all of Alaska is out in the wilderness. We lived there for three years back in the 70's and I actually taught knitting at a yarn store there! I packed up a lot of boxes of yarn to mail to people out in the bush. Love the socks - I've been looking at Cookie's socks and think I may have to make some.


Sorry to hear you've been sick. That nasty cold is going around here, too. A couple of moms I know from school have had it hang on for two weeks each. UGH! E. has been ill the past few days, but she seems on the mend. You know how resilient kids are.

Glad to hear you liked Notes on a Scandal. I thought it looked good, too!

I'm not loving the new look of IK at all. I'd heard the whines on line, but finally saw for myself on Saturday when I picked up the magazine. I don't completely dislike change, but IMO, this change was not an improvement. Also, where's my favorite red haired model???


Yucky hope you're feeling better really soon!!! :) I've been thinking about doing the Monkey sock...even unraveled a sock to get started. I *sigh* didn't cast on for it though.


Hi Vera! The post looks funky in Bloglines but here on your blog it looks just FINE.

All of those socks are GREAT and the new yarns too! I just dyed some roving in a pink/brown colorway and today I'm seeing pretty much the same thing EVERYWHERE!? Maybe I won't make any more like that. ha

I don't blame you for wanting to work with the silk yarn - I've been itching to buy some to dye and knit with.


I'm glad you're on the mend. The flu just went through our house and by luck I seem to have dodged it.


Glad you're both on the mend. You always find great sock yarns and patterns. I like the Monkey socks. Cookie has some cool patterns.

Keep feeling better and here's to hoping that you are all well for the knit-in this weekend.


Glad to hear your feeling better... great socks and your silk top is coming out lovely.


I am totally with you on all those sock patterns. And I wonder why I can't seem to concentrate on sweater patterns right now, huh?


I bought that same book for my SIL, although I wanted to keep it. I may just by myself a copy. I also want to visit Alaska. I could live there, but I don't think DH could.

Oh, and those patterns you like from Spring IK are the best ones in the book, but don't you think the dark blue one is very...well...plain?


Sick here too, hope you're doing better by now.

Socks are lovely, I am saving the link to the BFF sock as I'm thinking it might be a good one for my sister this Christmas. Or me. Or both. I liked that first top you showed in the IK mag, one of few this time I did like.


I think the Cable Down sweater is my favorite from the new mag. It's on the never-ending list.
I love your Chocolate Cherry BFFs.
And I'm laughing insanely at you sounding like "Demi Moore on helium"! Hope you feel better soon!

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