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August 06, 2006



Yes, the second version of your new shawl is definitely better - it rocks! As always, I love seeing your city's buildings - lovely. :)

The new couple looks so happy!


That shawl is gorgeous. I'm excited to hit the outlets, it's almost time to start looking for fall clothes for the boys.


Love your new shawl and it's colors. Where did you get the pattern? Is it your own? I'd loved to try a crocheted shawl - crochet goes so much faster than knitting.
Sheri in GA


Definitely like the layout of colors in the second shawl better. Very nice!

The watermelon sock is so cute! That is some brilliant dye work there.


Just a quick hi! I'm so glad Pat is taking to the spinning and enjoying it. Looks like he's doing a great job, too.

Em and I went to the two Tanger Outlets in Bluffton (HHI) last week during our vacation. When we saw you and Pat the other day, I noticed signs for the one in Charleston. Sounds like it has different stores than the outlets in Bluffton, so I need to check that out!


I really like the architecture in in your city.
The shawl is looking beautiful, I agree that the second attempt works much better.
I never swatch for socks either, which is why I had to frog my current sock.


You are a knitting machine! I love the shawl, and you were right on with the re-do. I've got the page up for the watermelon yarn, and am going shopping as soon as I'm done here.
I hope you do make Pat the hat - I'll enjoy that picture.
Hope you all had fun sightseeing - it's always fun in Charleston!


Very nice photos, especially the wheel. I like all the colors of yarn and/or roving. those socks are so cute

wendy g

You have been busy as usual. The shawl is just beautiful and I love the colors you chose. Looks Patrick has a lot to keep him busy.


I was shocked to page down and see the shawl knitted from the yarn you pictured... then AGAIN! Beautiful! I went to the outlets on opening day. Wasn't too crowded and I got some deals just for my boys... but I resisted everything for myself. Of course, nothing was unpassable anyhow.


I dig those socks!


I'm a fan of pink myself so I love the shawl colors. :) I like those socks too! I really need to finish that scarf so I can start on a sock.
Renaissance is beautiful, and that hat cracks me up! My dad once had a hat like that, but it wasn't knitted or crocheted. He would sleep in it at my grandparents because they kept it so cold. :)
I loved the fossil store! :) SO many cute purses. I have a couple in mind that I want. I liked a lot of the stores actually, but it was too hot. We went around 1 or two I believe. Whatever time it was it was too hot.
That is odd how wedding attire is tax free.


The socks look great! The colorway is too neat.

Which spinning wheel did Patrick get? It looks beautiful! I can't wait to try out spinning, it looks like great fun. :)


That watermelon yarn is adorable - what great socks!


both shawls are absolutely beautiful! And the wedding looks like it was fantastic fun! Congrats to the happy couple!


That shawl? Those sock? That roving? The yarn? All TO DIE FOR! Vera, you are always an inspiration!


I meant to say socks...

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