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May 20, 2006



Whenever I hear "Vera" I think of Pink Floyd's The Wall and Vera Lynn. That makes it a pretty cool name in my book.

As a long-time blogger who is relative new to knitting and knitblogging, I have to laugh at the idea that non-crafty blogs all talk about serious issues. As if! :-) My 'blog blog' (such as it is, it's been wasting away from neglect recently) is a haphazard mix of cool links, discussions of Britcom DVDs, and rants about life in general. It's scarcely readable. LOL.


Pretty in pink! That's you. :)

I think the name "Vera" seriously rocks. Retro is cool, don't you know. ;)


You really *were* color coordinated that day! And I love those new Opals.

I freely admit that I have SSS - but I do love knitting socks. It's just that when I've finished one, I can't wait to dive into something new.


The Joy Division? Haven't heard them in a while. However, I was recently listening to The Call. Remember them?


Oh my goodness look at that Fire on the Mountain colorway. That is amazing, knit something with that fast so I can see it! ;o)


You have great taste in colors!!


Joy Division and Doug Flutie. Yep. We're definitely the same age.


Okay...I really respect your knitting here's a question. I'm getting hooked on this sock knitting...but I really don't know where to get yarn online that is not crazy expensive...and I can't seem to master fingering yarns I'm wanting to just work with sport weight or DK. and I love lots of color. Does it always have to have wool in it. Any help you could give a new sock knitter would be wonderful.


ha! i totally feel the same about doug flutie's retirement. i was excited to see him back playing for the pats. i wish he'd only come back a year earlier so he'd at least have had a super bowl ring.

oh well.


hey vera, when i get done with the first sock, i hurry up and don't even think about it and cast on for the second. if i do this, then it is ready to pick up and slowly i do a little bit at a time, then once i turn the heel, it's too exciting that i'll have an actual pair for me to stop now!


Love the socks, but really love the new Opal, especially the pastel! I know there are more "important" blogs out there, but knitting is such a refuge from all the "important" stuff! Have you checked out the Sockbugs blog? She has lots of free patterns and there is a lacey one that would be great with the pastel Opal.


I just listened to The Cure's version of Love Will Tear Us Apart via your link here; thanks!

Dana Enck

That STR yarn is incredible! I might have to nab a hank of that myself. Everytime I hear "Love... Apart" it brings me back to high school - and all the black I used to wear. Of course, I still wear lots of black, but it's not in an effort to be moody :-)


Vera - you are officially a crazed, obsessed, sock-knitting person. I must say that I like that.


There are non-knitting blogs out there??? WHY??

LOL. I don't like when people trivialize knitting because it falls in with all other artsy hobbies. It's creating something & goodness knows, we need more beautiful things in the world.


I'm with you on keepin' it crafty. I try to do the same with my blog. Oh yes, lots of other interests, but for my contribution to the's all about yarn. Glad you're here doing the same thing because you're inspirational to me!

Love sock variegated sock fave.


Hi Vera,
Love your Jaywalkers! Great color. Thank you for the music link - love it!!!


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