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May 24, 2006



You've really gone overboard on those dishcloths! They're all very pretty, but nothing can make dishwashing less icky.

I still haven't seen the DaVinci code but I did read the book. Tom Hanks just doesn't fit my image of Dr. Langdon.


I love the dishcloths-I don't think they're garish-very cheery.


Your dishcloths and kimono are beautiful. Have you joined the Mason-Dixon KAL? Everyone would love to see them.


We have tix to Circus Flora... that's what Spoleto becomes when you have kids. Can't wait for the library to get MDN in... I have it on hold. Dishcloths would be a nice break in knitting! GREAT colors!


Nifty dishcloths! Personally, I prefer the dishwasher, but if I had to hand wash I'd want something that snazzy. Speaking of, someone is going to look super snazzy in that little sweater :)
The Violent Femmes are awesome, I used to go to the clubs and see them way back when. *Boogieing enough to embarrass any preteen child of mine* Oh my my mymymy mo mo mum


Wonderful looking dishcloths! The one on the top left reminds me of the Piccadilly Plum Vera Bradley bag I've had my eye on. I just started my first ballband cloth this morning, and I've already got plans in my head for different color variations. Hee!

I *love* "24 Hour Party People"! I'd scarely heard of any of any of the bands before watching, but the story just sucked me in. Plus Steve Coogan is always worth watching. :-)


Those dishcloths are great! That pattern might make me buy that book, I really like them.


the dish cloths are really cute. i've got some yarn set aside to make some.

Karen Carter

Those are some nice dishcloths and the kimono is going to be beautiful again! Your blog is always so interesting :)


Yep - like everyone else, I really like the dishcloths! Too bad I'm a sponge girl. ;)

I'll see "The Code" when it comes out on DVD. It's GOT to be better than the book! Next up for us is X-Men 3 in theatres - can't wait!


Your dishclothes are beautiful! Haven't thought of the Violent Femmes in awhile...


Awesome dishcloths! The kimono looks great too. :)


MDK is so much fun. You kimono is darling with the color changes. I read DC and it was OK. Don't have a desire to see the movie.


Your washcloths are beautiful. I just bought Mason-Dixon knitting, but haven't made anything yet.

And I'm right there with ya on the clowns.....clowns AND balloons ...yuck!


Your dishcloths rock! I just bought more yarn yesterday to make more for myself :)


I saw those dishcloths in that book at the book store....they really caught my eye. Yours look even better...may have to buy the book now.


I love your dishcloths and the kimono is ADORABLE!!

I think you've just helped me decide on some of my holiday weekend knitting... Have a good one, yourself! ; )


I love all your washcloths! I don't know if I'll ever stray from my boring old garter stitch ones though. Cute way to stretch the yarn for your kimono sweater. :)


You are going to town on the Mason-Dixon inspiration - will there be a robe for yourself soon? Great, concise review of Da Vinci, thanks to you I think I'll wait for the DVD!


Those dishcloths are faboo!

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