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April 07, 2006



I love all of them! They are just perfect for the spring and summer. That pink is just gorgeous!


Wow-they all look fantastic. So many FO's, good for you!


You look absolutely beautiful in all three - the pics look like they're from a magazine! Can't wait to see what you'll be knitting next. :)


They all look fabulous on you. You must have the fastest fingers in the South!! I especially love Short and Sweet. It looks so nice on you.

Erica B.

Vera, great work on all projects. I especially love the "Short & Sweet".


Vera, the quality and quantity of the work you do astounds me. Absolutely beautiful work, and beautiful choices of patterns to do. You are the FO Queen!!


Sister, your fingers must be flying!
Fantastic work! How do you do it? There are only 24 hours in a day, and you gotta sleep for at least 6.

You are inspiring me to crochet again. And, I love you blog, period. You have cool taste in books and music!


I love them all. You look great in pink.

Karen Carter

All of the items are beautiful and done so fast!


Short and Sweet surely suits you.


Vera, those all look beautiful. I changed the yarn that I am using on my short and sweet and should have it done this weekend...Where did you get the pattern for the second one...I love that one too. Awesome Job!!


You are really good! I'm so glad to hear someone else doesn't do swatches...I do exactly what you do.


Wow, your crochet hook is smoking! Everything looks great, but the first one is probably my favourite. Great job on all three though!


Wow - Short 'n Sweet came out great (as do all of your projects). I'm looking forward to seeing what you work on next! How's your Mountain Stream scarf coming along? :)


Wow! You have been busy!! You look great in everything! I love Short N Sweet!

Angela "La Vonne"

You did a great job and you look wonderful in it too! Keep on hookin' girlfriend!


Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I'm so glad I got SnB! All your sweaters are gorgeous, I'm so inspired!


Ohhh - the pink one! I love 3/4 sleeves. You're really adding to your wardrobe unbelievably fast. No, I'm still not tempted enough to try to crochet anything more involved than a baby blanket. ;)


All of them are beautiful and you look beautiful in them!. I actually learned to crochet first, but have never crocheted any clothing - don't know why.


Wow! Beautiful stuff!


Wow.. you're so good at crochet! I especially love the pullover, the color is so pretty!


all of those are so pretty! Looks like I'm getting that book after all!


WOW! All those great FOs! Looks like you'll get a lot of wear out of them too during the spring.


All your tops look good, but I especially love Short N Sweet.


the short n sweet is so cute. but all of the sweaters look great. so pretty.


All three of those look fantastic on you! I'd have a hard time picking a favorite of the three.


I just discovered your blog, it looks great. Beautiful projects.


Hey, I just found your blog through Google blogsearch, and I wanted to say how great it is! I'll definitely add you to my list of daily reads.


Beautiful work as always!! You inspire me to do more crochet work!


You'll have to add more closet space at this rate! I love all the new sweaters. As always, your color choices and execution are beautiful!


All of them look fantastic, Vera, and I love them on you! You look sweet and sophisticated all at the same time :D



Your work is very impressive!
I'll add your Typepad to our Links!


Hi Vera! I just stumbled on to your page because I was looking for info on the Short 'n sweet pattern from the Happy Hooker-book. I think yours turned out great! I'm doing mine at the moment and had a few problems with understanding the right front, and I was afraid I might have done it wrong. But then I saw your picture and saw I must be right after all. Thanks a lot for those process pictures, I think that's a miss in the book! Your other crochet projects look great too. I definitely have to bookmark your page. Thanks again :)


You and your faboo pieces look great! Woo Hoo!


wow! you look fabulous in your creations! We should see more pictures of you!

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