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February 07, 2006



Vera, you always have the most beautiful yarn posted and I have "yarn envy" over your yarn, but am never upset or angry that you have it. I just don't understand the logic! I am going to do a poll on my blog about posting pics of gifts/yarn versus not and see how it goes.

Patrick is going to torture everyone a few more days eh?


Vera - I mentioned this on my blog today, but the only thing you have to remember regarding Romantic Cardi is to measure your beginning V. Even though you got gauge, it might be off. Just a quick double-check & you should be fine. Except for the splitting Microspun! I've heard about that & have avoided the yarn so far. I'll be anxious to hear how your project goes!

Kari Holtz

Gah! Is it me or have people become more and more whiney as the years go by?
I love reading what people get on their blogs.


I'm with you - I've never been part of the "in" crowd either. I like what I like and it's interesting that the blogs that I read regularly are not all like me. There's variety. I do enjoy your blog and your upbeat take on life. Keep on blogging!


Very interesting. I've always felt it was more about the person sending the gift rather than me receiving the gift. Perhaps I'm wrong in that, or at least it appears some people think so. I never look at it from a 'look what I got' point of view (though I may say that) but more of a 'look what they did!' aspect.

I'm participating in the Olympics vicariously through you. ;o) It wasn't an option for me to get the yarn to participate in a big project (though I had one lined up, I just couldn't afford it) so I'm going to coast along in your athletic glow. I'm thinking we might not hear from you as much as we have these last few days and weeks... you're going to be busy! lol


"I like what I like, and I do what I do as long as it's not illegal and doesn't harm others. That philosophy hasn't made my life easier, but it has made it happier."

i think you just described me !! .. and i am like you always happy to see what others get.. i am very blessed in this life and love to send as well but its not about getting that recognition either.. i think its your blog and if you want to post whatever youcan .. i certainly do .. and to hell with whiners.. maybe they need to look at the karma they send out in the world to be able to see what they get back is what they send .. you know ?

and of course you are never gonna be rid of all the whiners.. no matter how old you get.. seems crazy but its true !


As long as I've been part of the craft blogging community, it seems to have been generally accepted etiquette to post a photo and a public thank-you. I'm surprised to see people making controversy over it at all. I dunno. I don't get why it could possibly be considered bad to say "Hey, look what So-and-So sent me. Wasn't that sweet of her?"

"I've never been cool or popular, not even when I was younger. I've always been a little off, a bit out of step, or off key. I like what I like, and I do what I do as long as it's not illegal and doesn't harm others."

Yes, exactly. It's taken me a long time to learn that I'm okay even though I feel so different from other people and often don't feel like I fit in, but once I learned that I started to feel much better about myself, about other people, and about life in general.


I do not have a blog, but reading the blogs of others has greatly enriched my knitting life - I am always interested in the yarns you purchase and what you make with them. I am eagerly watching to see your Olympic projects, and I know you will do well.


As a yarn addict, I love seeing what others have recieved / added to their stash. The generosity of bloggers is amazing....people put time, effort, thought and yes, money into what they have sent out to others....they deserve to be thanked, and posting a note on a blog (in my mind) is a perfect place to do so, since they often know you from your blog!


I don't have a blog either, but I love reading them. The only reason that I don't is fear that it will take time away from knitting (I've practically given up reading and don't ask about my housekeeping). I can't wait to see your Dibs! I preplanned my colors to match up too - one skein was perfect, the other has 2 knots - so far so good!


ditto ditto exactly what Kimberly said!! I look forward to seeing all the yarns people get, whether they buy it, grow it, shear it or receive it for a gift. And seeing how excited someone is to receive a gift and show it on their blog is doubly exciting. I find out about many new yarns I'd like to try that way, and new projects. Bloggers are generous people and love to share and give, whether they're ideas or gifts. It is all part of the joy of blogging. Perhaps anyone crying about it in jealousy should click the 'X' button and read the obituaries instead.


Vera: Just keep on blogging. Those
who have an agenda about the blogs
should quit reading them. I love
reading yours and many others and
someday I will figure out to join.


I bought a skein of the Microspun to check it out. I am worried that it will pill too much when washed. I'll watch your closely to see how it will work.

I love to see pics of people's gifts and yarn purchases!!! I never even thought it could be an issue until I read Bron's post.


I agree that people should be able to share there thoughts and anything else they would like to on a blog. However, I've seen a few that shared a bit too much. Who am I to judge anyway? I just choose not to read. Now I stick with crafty blogs. By the way, Patrick sounds like my husband. He reminds me that I have 3 other UFO's while another one is being started. Oh men, what would we do without them?

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