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December 09, 2005



I always love your crocheted snowflakes. How many did you make last year? I should learn how to do that.


I wish I could get just one pair done! Soft twist yarn is better for JW as it has more give. I love you Koigu pair, too!


Nice socks! I love Koigu...been making holiday chickens with KPPPM for pressies. Fun, fun, fun!

I going to start knitting socks too. Right now I am making a snazzy pair of leg warmers. I figured I'd try to knit throughout the year to give my hook a rest every now and again. LOL


I love the red, can't help it. They look great.

I'm racing to finish a doily so I can start snowflakes on Sunday too. I might not start until Sunday night, but I'm doing my best to get there.


I should join the jaywalker-along. I am working on my first pair, right now.

I also am part of the Great Flake Race...can't wait to see how many we all do!


I'm wearing a pair of Wildfoote socks right now as I read your blog. They hold up beautifully. You'll love yours.


I love the socks you do! And also the colours you chose! They look great!!!

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