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August 26, 2005


Kari Holtz

oh my those candles are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(so are the doilies hehe)


I love the doilies! I need to pick one to make from Doilies with a Twist. I love Patrick's candles -- they're great!

(I checked my ac moore last night and they had moved the Opera to the yarn clearance section but it was still $2.99... I already bought one ball of every color at $2.99, so I'll wait and see if they drop it again before buying more). :) The new yarns at AC Moore are pretty good! 100% alpaca and a few other interesting ones (for a craft store)!


Your doilies are beautiful as usual. :) LOL about the "design element" thing. We say that a lot at my local Stitch 'n Bitch. :) I wouldn't have ripped it either!


Beautiful doilies Vera, just lovely. And I'll have to remember the design element thing, goodness knows I add a lot of them. ;o)


Beautiful doily! I'm skeered of twists. They really weren't that hard?

Patrick's candles are lovely.


Doilies plural, rather. I swear I don't know where my brain is today. I think I put it in a box with all the old paperwork I've been putting in storage.


Wow! I love the Rosa doily. It's just stunning!


Your doilies are gorgeous as always!!!
What a creative couple you are! :)


Wow...yuor doilies are gorgeous!


Another thread bites the dust? I remember when size 30 variegated went in the 80's. That's what started me on dying my own colors.

I never worry about getting precise gauge for doilies.

They are all very pretty.

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