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July 12, 2005



The Tivoli looks great!


I've been a bit scared of knitting clothes so far, but I like the look of that t-shirt! Great work.


It looks wonderful! Which of the pattern sizes did you use? I have some Cotton Ease that wants to become something :)


That looks great! The Lion Brand website has the bubblegum listed in stock still. I ordered from them a few weeks ago, and their shipping is speedy.

Regina aka LadyLinoleum

That's just gorgeous! Love the color!


how many skeins of cotton ease did you use? i love the orange too!


Looks great! I hope it fits nicely, too. Do you mind if I include a picture and a link to this blog entry in the Tivoli gallery?


What I wouldn't give for half your knitting speed!


Vera, thanks for the Tivoli link. I have some Cotton Ease here somewhere. You give me great ideas on projects!


Great job. It looks wonderful!


I just downloaded this pattern this morning, and was planning to try Cotton Ease--and then I come over here and see your lovely result! I really like it :)


wow..that's cottonease? I love it --great job!


It looks great! Really sleek and cute.


I love the Tivoli. It is something on my "to do" list. Yours looks great.


Hi! I've been reading your blog for a bit, but I think this is my first time posting. I see from the post before this we are in the same part of the state. Do you know where a knitter (me) from out of town (navy wife) who knows nobody (shy) could possibly learn to crochet? You do beautiful work and it is so inspiring.



Hi there,
Sorry that I just read your comment on my Tivoli ... that blog doesn't send comments to my email. Your Tivoli is colourful ... love to see the Tivoli gallery getting more colourful! I have 10 balls of CE in this colour! ;)


Here I am - late to the party! Just wanted to say it looks wonderful - I like the orange much better than I thought I would. Hmmmm...makes me rethink just making kids clothes with Orangeade! I'm definitely putting Tivoli on my to-do list. :)


I LOVE the t-shirt! Supre cute and a wonderful color!


Happy Birthday Vera!! I hope you're having a wonderful day!


I'm sorry this is so late, but do you still need some bubblegum CE? I have some if needed....


This is a treasure to wear, Vera. Lovely work. And I second your post about knitting and crocheting being the best of both worlds. I'm taking a crochet class and I can already see how this will expand my repertoire in wonderful ways.


have you washed this yet. How does cotton ease do does it shrink alot.Just wondering I have tons of cotton ease to use up. Thanks


okay so my email address is right now. How long did it take to whip up?and how does cotton ease wash and dry up>

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