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July 28, 2005



Beautiful doilies!


Once again a great job on the doily Vera!! I really like Kristoffersen's of these days I'll get the courage up to try one! Your Snowflakes are wonderful!!

I saw the new Willy Wonka, and while it was good, I still prefer the original! :)


happy belated birthday!!! i'm glad you're feeling better. and yes, johnny depp is very easy on the eyes.


your doily and snow flakes are beautiful!


Happy belated B-day! Your snowflakes & doily are beautiful. :)


Your doilies and snowflakes are just beautiful!


Oooh, what a pretty doily!


Beautiful! And after seeing the doily at C'ville I rushed right 'out' and bought the book for myself. It's gorgeous!


I'm so glad you liked the book. I really enjoy them and the style they are written in. Precious is one of my all time favorite characters. Wise, kind and smart.

Vicki Suan

First of all, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! Secondly, the doilies are gorgeous. You are the doily princess (I want to say 'doily queen' but it doesn't sound as nice-lol!). Just looking at them (snowflakes included) makes me want to drop everything and do doilies. Debbie Stoller doesn't know crochet if she snobs doilies. You did good, Vera, you did good.

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