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March 15, 2005



Your doily is pretttty! I should really get back into making some of those when I don't know what else to make...they take up much less space than the other things I make tons of and store.

and YAY for crowded house :-D


The doily is lovely! You are inspiring me to take up crochet again. It's been....geez...over 20 years!!

I'm semi-intrigued by the Martha poncho. I'd look like I was wearing a circus tent in a poncho, though. Plump women and ponchos don't mix! :-) Maybe as a gift for someone....hmmm....


I really like your doily ! The colours are great !


Wow! Your latest doily is very pretty. I know what you mean about picots though...Hate Them! ;)


Your doilies are beautiful - I'm always amazed at such intricate work. Back in the 60's when my aunt wanted to learn to crochet granny squares like all her school friends were making, my grandma whipped out the thread and tiny hooks... Is it no wonder my aunt doesn't do much in the way of knit/crochet?


Vera, it's stunning. Very springlike! I'm in the midst of doing doilies in ecru and cream (by request), and darned if I don't want to use some of the pretty colors I have.

I like the scallops on "Martha's" poncho, and I've always liked that granny-style pattern they had at LB. Merge the two together and what have you got? I won't make it, probably. If I do, I might sell it. I'm with the above commenter, ponchos and plump really don't go well together, and I've got plump all over the place. ;o)


The doily is absolutely stunning. I've always loved pineapples.


The doily is beautiful, Vera! I ove it!


WOW, i just love that doily. What are the rest of the patterns in that book like? I might just have to find it and buy it!!!!!


Your doily is absolutely gorgeous! What a great job. I'm sure your poncho will turn out great, too.


Yamini Kaur

Hi Vera,

Gorgeous doilies. I am tempted to try them.

When you say size 8 hook, do you mean a steel crochet hook ? Would you know what that would conver to in mm ?

Please let me know as I want to try my hand at this stuff but don't know the sizes.


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