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July 14, 2004



I know it's a bit scary, I felt mixed feelings when Anth started knitting because he is so clever, however, even though he's is good, I am not sure that men have the obsession about things that we do, so although he knits regularly he not obsessed, and so you allways remain ahead! Not only that it gives you a good reason to always try things that are more challenging and stretch you, this has been the best thing for me because I can be lazy and not finish things, but it has inspired me to be the best kitter I can be. So don't worry! not only that he'll want to come yarn shopping!!!


Hi Vera,

Just found your blog it....we're coming down to Isle of Palms for vacation in August....any LYS I should see? I can't seem to find any....I know Charleston has needlework shops...but they seem to be more cross-stitch, etc.... Susan


enjoy teaching your crochet class! I teach 3 classes at my LYS- an intro to crochet class, a granny square class and a furry crocheted tote class. I love, especially, teaching knitters how to crochet and watching them "find their hands" since knitting and crocheting are so much different.

Have fun!


Wow V! Your Patrick sounds just wonderfula nd he cooks also-sure teach him how to knit, he probably wont ever get as good at it as you are.


i wish my dh would learn how to knit.i think it's the coolest thing ever to see men knit.not that i've seen many

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