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Totally obsessed knitter and crocheter.


I taught myself to knit and crochet when I was about eight or nine when I lived in NYC and saw ladies an the subway doing needlework.

I never could get the hang of purling and so I continued to crochet and became pretty good at it, but I really wanted to knit better too, so fast forward 30 + years and with the aid of a CD ROM, I learned to purl too.

I took a knitting class too, and now I can even knit socks. I joined the local knitting guild, and I attend an informal group at the local Barnes and Noble.

Now I can make socks and I want to get into color knitting. Right now, it looks scary, but I did think the same thing about socks.


knitting, crocheting, reading, music, documentaries, cycling, and pro-football